Wustof Classic 3 ½ inch Paring Knife Review

Wustof Classic 3 ½ inch Paring Knife

The efficiency of a knife is measured in terms of its cutting edge and durability, and the Wustof classic 3 ½ inch paring knife leads all the parameters which decide the efficiency of the knife. This classic kitchen tool works best in slicing the hard skins from the fruits and vegetables and keeping the pulpy component intact. With Wustof classic 3 ½ inch paring knife you could easily mince soft fruits and vegetables and it allows you to peel off the fruits and vegetables closely with its ultra-serrated edge.

Components Used in Manufacturing This Ultimate Knife

Wustof Classic 3 ½ inch Paring KnifeThe Wustof Classic 3 ½ inch paring knife is made up of high carbon rust free steel which definitely makes the knife more durable and efficient. The high carbon material augments the strength of the knife and its sharpness is refined manually. The steel blade is annealed to the maximum of 58 degrees hardness which ensure that the knife works as good as new for long without getting blunt easily, and the handle is tri-layer engrossed making sure that you have smooth grip over the knife.

Why Use Wustof classic 3 ½ inch Paring Knife

Wustof Classic 3 ½ inch Paring KnifeThe Wustof classic 3 ½ inch paring knife could be called as the improved version of any chopping knife. This knife is made with such precise technique that allows the blade to maintain a balance on the fruits or vegetables. The pointed edge allows you to easily pierce the produce and peel off the skin. You could prepare enticing salads and garnishes using this wonderful tool which is easy both on your hands and on the groceries.

This classic knife was originally produced in the cutlery capital of Solingen, Germany and the best thing attached to its excellence was the cutlery prize received from the best chefs for restaurant and home cooking. It is the reflection of skilled craftsmanship which has given such worthwhile design to this Wustof classic knife.

The Features Make it Constructive

The features of the knife which give it an extra edge include the following:

  • The micro serrations on the blade facilitate minuscule peeling for various purposes. It helps in keeping more flesh of the fruits and vegetables intact.Wustof Classic 3 ½ inch Paring Knife
  • Scalloped edge enables to chop of the hard skin of the fruits and vegetables without crushing its inner soft material.
  • The knife’s painstaking tip makes it easy to pierce it into fruits and vegetables and through this you could create scrumptious garnishes and salads.
  • Manufactured from a single piece high carbon steel, the product becomes more durable and long lasting. The superior alloyed steel makes it anti-rust and anti stains knife.
  • Computer controlled polishing process makes the product sharper and tapered, to give that extra edge to it. New Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) has augmented the efficiency by 20%.
  • The triple coated handle is secured with 3 distinctive stainless steel rivets making it much smoother to be grabbed. Protects the hands from feeling the stress of holding a knife.
  • Patented inner ring terminal prevents rust along the entire tangle including the rivets.
  • The finger grooves on the handle enables the user to have solid control over the chopping process.
  • Hand wash
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

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