How to Slice and Chop Onions

how to slice and chop onions

cOnions largely make part of a lot of dishes, and this makes evident a fact that it amounts to one such vegetable which is being sliced and chopped the most in kitchen. Alike any other vegetable, even the onions need to be sliced and chopped properly depending upon the dish to be prepared, as improper chopping would spoil the look of the dish and its purpose as well. By following a few tricks you could know how to slice and chop onions effectively making it apt for the dish.

Though there are lots of slicing and chopping machines that could make your work easier and faster. But here, we won’t talk about the mechanical choppers and slicers, instead we would discuss about manual chopping of onions which would be equally fast and effective, if you know the right way to do it. So, let us discuss about the steps that are required to be followed for quick chopping.

Slicing Process:

The slicing process includes 4 easy steps that would do the purpose.

  • how to slice and chop onionsPlace the onion horizontally on the chopping board and remove both the ends using a sharp knife. After removing the tapered ends, remove the outer layer or the skin of the onion and make it stand on the board taking the support of the flat side.
  • The next step is to once again put the onion horizontally on the chopping board so that it could be sliced to round pieces.
  • Hold the onion properly so that it doesn’t slips, and slice the onion into pieces of equal width.
  • Further separate each layer from the slice and this way you would get separated layers of a slice. For those slice which stick together, you could easily push them out.

Chopping Process:

The chopping process is equally simple including easy steps mentioned below:

  • how to slice and chop onionsRemove the tapered ends on both the sides and remove the skin of the onion.
  • Place the onion on the chopping boards with the support of the flat end and then cut it into 2 equal pieces.
  • The next step is the major one, where you have to place one half of the onion on the chopping board with its flat end downwards. Further, make vertical cuts of equal lengths.
  • Turn the piece to 90 degrees angles and chop it while making horizontal cuts, which would produce chopped onion. The cut size depends upon the size of chopped onions you need. Broad cuts would lead to big cubes, and narrow cuts would provide you with thin cubes.
  • Repeat the same process to the other half of the onion.
  • This way your onions would be chopped effectively making it fit for the dish.

Thus, these were the easy steps that could make your work easier and quick. You just need to follow the tricks properly and the rest all becomes very easy. So with all the steps mentioned above, you could chop and slice the onions like a mechanical chopper. Thus, now you are an expert and you could do your chopping work in minutes. Just follow and lead.

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